Pdf July 6, 2009; Mid-Term Workshop: Barcelona

CANCERDIP celebrates its mid-term Workshop

The project organised a highly successful mid-term workshop with more than 100 participants from 11 nations across Europe and the USA. The six Principal Investigators of the project as well as the Advisory Board members presented their latest findings around the topic of “DNA Methylomes in Health and Disease”. In a good atmosphere at the Auditorium of the Duran I Reynals Hospital of IDIBELL, interesting questions were asked, and participants actively engaged in scientific discussions, which fuelled the project and its investigators’ ideas.
The Scientific Advisory Board members also assisted to the subsequent mid-term consortium meeting, and gave useful recommendations for all team members to keep the project further on track.
The next meeting has been scheduled for December in Saarbruecken, Germany. More info:

Pdf July 2, 2009; Mid-Term Workshop

DNA Methylomes in Health and Diseasase <<Enter>>

The event is open to all researches in the field, and shall give them an opportunity to comment on the project progress and results, and to exchange the latest relevant findings in this topic.

The Principal Investigators as well as the Scientific Advisory Board members of CANCERDIP will be presenting their findings at the workshop.

Pdf February 1, 2009: Project Press Release

The CANCERDIP Consortium has published their Press Release->

Pdf December 4, 2008: First Annual Meeting

CANCERDIP is finishing its first year of activity, and members met in Naples in order to exchange progress reports and align activities. To the delight of all partners, the work is fully on track.
The biggest news item probably has been the move of the project
coordinator to IDIBELL, the Bellvitge Institute for Biomedical Research,
Barcelona, from January 1st, 2009.
A project mid-term workshop has been scheduled for beginning of July
2009, to which external experts and specialists in the field will be
The consortium would like to congratulate Christoph Bock, who has been
offered a post-doctoral position at the Broad institute of MIT and Harvard
( from January. Christoph will remain connected with the
project. Best of luck to you, Christoph!

Pdf Madrid, May 09, 2008: CANCERDIP is taking off

The project coordinator Dr Manel Esteller hosted the 6 project partners from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) in order to officially launch the project.

In presentations and discussions of the one-day meeting, technical as well as managerial issues were discussed and further actions planned. The consortium left in good spirits and is motivated to take up the challenge. The next project conference has been scheduled for July 2008.

Pdf A spanish group has characterized the epigenome of colorectal cancer (spanish)


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| CANCERDIP is funded under the European Commission's 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development |
The Use of MeDip in Cancer for Better Clinical Management